Marian Hubbard Bell Fairchild was the wife of Dr. David Fairchild, a mycologist, entomologist, plant pathologist, geneticist, administrator, and plant explorer extraordinary, who was privileged to visit the far reaches of the earth at will and accomplish the dreams and objectives of his life. Marion Bell Fairchild, nicknamed “Daisy”, was the daughter of Alexander Graham Bell and shared her husband’s love of adventure and travel. Marion and David had a rare fellowship of mind and heart founded on mutual respect and an intense absorption in the entire world of science. Marion brought deep appreciation and devotion to her husband and a gift of close association with her father. David described her as a perfect mate who shared his life and life’s work.

Marian Hubbard Bell Fairchild was born in 1888. As the daughter of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, she grew up in an environment of scientific curiosity and exploration, which greatly influenced her own passions and pursuits. In 1916, she married David Fairchild, a prominent mycologist, entomologist, and plant explorer, with whom she shared a deep appreciation for adventure and travel. Together, they formed a strong partnership founded on mutual respect and an intense absorption in the world of science.

Throughout her life, Marian Hubbard Bell Fairchild actively supported her husband in his many endeavors, both professional and personal. She accompanied him on numerous expeditions to far-flung corners of the globe, often in challenging and hazardous conditions. Her love of adventure and her unwavering dedication to her husband and his work made her a valuable partner in all of his pursuits.

In addition to her support of David’s work, Marion was an accomplished artist and writer in her own right. She had a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, which she captured in her paintings and writings. Her contributions to her husband’s books, particularly his memoir “The World Was My Garden,” were invaluable in capturing the essence of their shared experiences.

Despite her many accomplishments, Marian Hubbard Bell Fairchild was known for her humble and unassuming nature. She eschewed the spotlight and was always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Her unwavering support of her husband, her dedication to the natural world, and her unpretentious manner endeared her to all who knew her. She passed away in 1962, leaving behind a legacy of intellectual curiosity, creativity, and kindness.


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