Pest control pyrotechnics refer to specialized explosive devices utilized to disperse nuisance wild animals without causing injury. Proper handling and use of these products is crucial to ensure both safety and efficacy in pest control operations. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of working with pest control pyrotechnics, including relevant terminology, safety precautions, storage, and loading/firing procedures.

Understanding Pest Control Pyrotechnics

Pest control pyrotechnics contain explosive material designed to generate loud noises, flashes, and smoke to scare and disperse animals considered pests. Common examples include screamer siren cartridges or bird banger cartridges fired from a launch pistol, and shellcrackers fired from a 12-gauge shotgun. It is critical to recognize these products contain dangerous explosives and must be managed responsibly.

Using pest control pyrotechnics requires strict adherence to regulations at federal, state, and local levels. All transportation, storage, handling, and firing procedures must comply with laws governing explosive material. Failure to follow protocols can result in severe penalties.

General Safety Precautions

When utilizing pest control pyrotechnics, the first priority is safety. Several precautions must be implemented, including:

  • Notifying law enforcement before discharging any devices
  • Wearing eye and hearing protection gear
  • Pointing launch pistol muzzles in safe directions away from people
  • Firing away from buildings, vehicles, and flammable vegetation
  • Ensuring immediate access to a fire extinguisher
  • Storing spare cartridges properly away from firing equipment
  • Never firing from inside vehicles or transporting loaded launch pistols
  • Considering environmental factors like wind and overhead obstacles

Proper Storage

When not in use, pest control pyrotechnics must be stored securely to prevent access by unauthorized people. Storage guidelines include:

  • Storing in original packaging inside a locked, non-sparking metal container
  • Keeping devices away from humidity and high temperatures
  • Restricting access only to certified personnel
  • Separating from other flammable or explosive materials

Loading and Using Launch Pistols

Before firing screamer siren or bird banger cartridges from a launch pistol, strict loading and firing guidelines must be followed:

  • Cock pistol hammer
  • Insert blank cap below spring clip
  • Point muzzle in safe direction
  • Fully insert pyrotechnic cartridge, hollow end first
  • Hold pistol at arm’s length at 45+ degree firing angle
  • Ensure range is clear of people
  • Pull trigger while facing away

Using Shotgun Shellcrackers

Shellcrackers are pest control pyrotechnics discharged from a 12-gauge shotgun. When using these devices:

  • Employ a 12-gauge, break-action, breech-loading shotgun
  • Visually check barrel bore after each shot
  • Never look directly into barrel muzzle
  • Use an open or improved cylinder barrel
  • Regularly bore brush gun barrel
  • Immediately stop firing if shellcracker fails to detonate

In Closing

Pest control pyrotechnics, when handled appropriately, can be an effective method for dispersing nuisance wildlife. However strict adherence to usage, storage, and safety guidelines is imperative. Compliance with all regulations, prevention of access by unauthorized personnel, use of personal protective equipment, and environmental awareness is critical. With proper precautions, pest control pyrotechnics can serve as valuable tools in animal and nuisance control efforts when used responsibly.