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Some people believe that a “certain amount of conflict” on the job is normal. But too often, arguments can escalate into insults, challenges and threats. Sometimes these conflicts can even become physical, and lead to serious injuries… even death.

All of these situations are examples of “workplace violence”… and they can happen in any work environment. If they do, it can be stressful, bad for morale and downright dangerous.

So how much conflict is too much? And where do we draw the line?

MARCOM’s course on “Workplace Violence in Food Processing and Handling Environments” contains valuable information about how to recognize, prevent and handle violence in the food industry. This course features video and terminology that show the environment and operations of this industry.

Topics covered in each course include:

  • Defining violence in your workplace
  • “Warning signs” that violence is going to occur
  • How to handle “aggressive” behavior
  • How to deal with “violent” behavior
  • Creating a “Workplace Violence Prevention Program”
  • …and more.

Like all MARCOM courses, “Workplace Violence in Food Processing and Handling Environments” uses a powerful combination of full-motion, high-definition video filmed in real world locations, along with audio, text, and colorful graphics to provide the most cost-effective training available today.

Workplace Violence in Food Processing and Handling Environments Detailed Course Outline in PDF Format

The “Workplace Violence in Food Processing and Handling Environments” Micro-Learning curriculum includes the following 3-5 minute courses:

  • “What is Violence?”
  • “Warning Signs”
  • “Handling Aggressive Behavior”
  • “Dealing with Violent Behavior”
  • “Creating a “Workplace Violence Prevention Program”