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More than half a million U.S. workers in various industries perform welding, cutting, brazing and soldering work as part of their jobs every day. In a year’s time, these tasks will kill more than fifty of them. Thousands more will be injured. Some of their workplaces will have been damaged by fires and explosions as well.

MARCOM’s¬†“Welding Safety”¬†training products discuss the hazards that are associated with welding and cutting tasks, and explain the equipment and safe practices employees can use to avoid them.

All of the products… the new “Micro-Learning” and full-length online courses as well as the DVDs and interactive CD courses… discuss topics that are integral to employees’ understanding of these issues.

Topics covered in these products include:

  • The potential hazards of welding.
  • “Designated areas”, work permits and confined spaces.
  • Preventing fires while welding.
  • Protecting against toxic fumes.
  • Goggles, helmets and hand shields.
  • Gloves, clothing and other protective equipment.
  • and more.

All “Welding Safety” products are available in English and Spanish.

Welding Safety Detailed Course Outline in PDF Format

The “Welding Safety” MicroLearning curriculum includes the following 3-5 minute courses:

  • “The Potential Hazards of Welding”
  • “Designated Areas, Work Permits and Confined Spaces”
  • “Fire Prevention While Working”
  • “Protecting Against Toxic Fumes”
  • “Goggles, Helmets and Hand Shields”
  • “Gloves, Clothing and Other Protection”