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We’ve all slipped on the snow or ice in the winter… and tripped over a loose piece of carpet or our kids’ toys…and not thought much about it.

But in on the job, slips, trips, and falls can be serious problems. In fact, they’re involved in most of the accidents that occur in the food industry now-a-days. Fortunately, slips, trips and falls can be prevented.

MARCOM’s course on “Slips, Trips and Falls in Food Processing and Handling Environments” contains valuable information about how to identify, avoid and prevent hazards that cause slips, trips and falls and what employees can do to prevent them… both at work and at home.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • How your “center of gravity” affects your balance and stability.
  • Defining “slips”, “trips” and “falls”.
  • How to navigate walking surfaces safely.
  • Footwear that will help to prevent slips, trips and falls.
  • How to “fall properly”.
  • … and more.

This course is available online in Full-Length Interactive, “Adaptive Learning” and Micro-Learning formats as well as Video On Demand (VOD) for streaming over the internet, as well as DVD that can be played locally at your facility.

Slips, Trips and Falls in Food Processing and Handling Environments Detailed Course Outline in PDF Format

The “Slips, Trips and Falls in Food Processing and Handling Environments” Micro-Learning curriculum includes the following 3-5 minute courses:

  • “Center of Gravity and Maintaining Balance”
  • “Slips, Trips and Falls”
  • “Walking Surfaces”
  • “Housekeeping and Maintenance”
  • “Footwear”
  • “How to Fall Properly and First Aid”