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Workplace safety is too important to try and figure out “on the fly”, or leave to chance. When employees’ lives and health are on the line, a company can’t just wait for trouble to occur before making improvements.

That’s why safety-conscious organizations have been taking a more proactive approach by conducting “safety audits”… systematic surveys of workplaces to identify hazards so they can be eliminated or controlled.

MARCOM’s training products on “Safety Audits” provide employees with an understanding of the goals and procedures that are involved in a safety audit, show them how they can help in the audit process and describe specific safe work practices. And these updated versions of the products include all-new visuals and a fresh look and feel… to engage trainees more effectively and promote better learning.

All of the products… the new “Micro-Learning” and full-length online courses as well as the DVDs and interactive CD courses… discuss topics that are integral to employees’ understanding of these issues.

Topics covered in the products include:

  • Performing a “workplace analysis”.
  • “Systems of controls”.
  • Evaluating your work area.
  • Performing a “personal” safety audit.
  • Dealing with accidents.
  • and more.

All “Safety Audits” products are available in English and Spanish.

The “Safety Audits” MicroLearning curriculum includes the following 3-5 minute courses:

  • “Performing a Workplace Analysis”
  • “Your Facility’s System of Controls”
  • “Evaluating Your Own Work Area”
  • “Performing a Personal Safety Audit”
  • “Dealing with Accidents”