Established in 1959, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is an esteemed nonprofit organization that has long been regarded as a foremost authority on highway safety. Through research, testing, and ardently advocating for improved safety measures for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike – IIHS continues to be relentless in its mission to make roads safer.

In the 1950s, traffic fatalities and injuries tragically rose in the United States. In response to this growing need for safety research and analysis, The IIHS was founded with the mission of identifying the causes of these accidents and developing preventative strategies.

Alarmed by the alarming number of car crashes and fatalities on highways and roads, a band of insurance companies established the IIHS. They expected that conducting research and analyzing data could help them identify the root causes behind these deadly collisions, as well as devise methods to prevent such events from happening again in the future.

Established with the mission of improving road safety and advancing our understanding of it, IIHS has been proactively pushing ahead with implementing safer roads and vehicles. Through their extensive research efforts, as well as partnerships between governments and automakers, they have succeeded in inspiring the usage of advanced security technologies across numerous stakeholders worldwide.

The IIHS has established a vehicle safety rating program to advance highway safety, including arduous crash tests crafted to replicate genuine accidents. After analyzing the test outcomes, the Institute provides vehicle ratings so shoppers can compare them and select their safest option.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety not only offers a vehicle safety rating system but has also investigated other elements of highway safety. The organization has studied the potential effects of alcohol impairment, speeding, and distractions on driving performance to craft informed strategies that will help reduce accidents and injuries.

Since its inception in 1959, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been a pioneering force in highway safety. Through rigorous research and testing, as well as strong advocacy efforts, the IIHS has greatly improved road conditions and reduced traffic-related deaths worldwide. The organization’s work is more critical than ever to guarantee driver protection across all roads today.