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One size does not fit all, and sometimes that’s a real “pain”. Just imagine how convenient it would be if one size did fit all of us. For one thing, the places where we work and the things we work with, our desks, chairs, computers, and other “tools” that we use, could be the same for everybody.

But the truth is we’re all different. So for many of us efficiency, comfort and safety in the office can often be hard to come by, but it can be done, using ergonomics.

MARCOM’s training products on “Office Ergonomics” address how to recognize ergonomic problems, the potential for adverse effects if our offices are not set up ergonomically, and practical solutions employees themselves can use to do that.

All of the products… the new “Micro-Learning” and full-length online courses as well as the DVDs and interactive CD courses… discuss topics that are integral to employees’ understanding of these issues.

Topics covered in these products include:

  • Understanding ergonomic office injuries.
  • Your ergonomic desktop.
  • Maintaining neutral positions.
  • Staying limber at work.
  • Going beyond traditional ergonomics.
  • and more.

All “Office Ergonomics” products are available in English and Spanish.

Office Ergonomics Detailed Course Outline in PDF Format

The “Office Ergonomics” MicroLearning curriculum includes the following 3-5 minute courses:

  • “Understanding Ergonomic Office Injuries”
  • “Your Ergonomic Desktop”
  • “Maintaining Neutral Positions”
  • “Staying Limber at Work”
  • “Going Beyond Traditional Ergonomics”