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The diversity of the people in today’s workforce can bring meaningful benefits for businesses as well as for employees… but it can bring significant challenges as well.

MARCOM’s “Diversity in the Workplace… for Managers and Supervisors” products discuss diversity, the obstacles that can prevent people from accepting it, and what managers and supervisors can do to embrace and encourage diversity in their department.

Topics covered in these products include:

  • What is diversity?
  • The benefits of a diverse workplace.
  • Stereotyping, bias and discrimination.
  • Making a personal commitment to diversity.
  • Promoting diversity in your department.
  •  … and more.

“Diversity in the Workplace… for Managers and Supervisors” online and VOD training, DVD and CD courses are available in English and Spanish. Kits, Booklets and Posters are available in English only.

Diversity in the Workplace for Managers and Supervisors Detailed Course Outline in PDF format

The “Diversity in the Workplace… for Managers and Supervisors” MicroLearning curriculum includes the following 3 – 5 minute courses:

  • “What is Diversity”
  • “The Benefits of a Diverse Workplace”
  • “Stereotyping, Bias and Discrimination”
  • “Making a Personal Committment to Diversity”
  • “Promoting Diversity in Your Department”